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    Women's Puma Jada Denim Sneakers

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In turbulent Germany between the world wars, the Dassler brothers started a shoe company in their mother’s laundry. From their humble starts as local athletic shoe cobblers, the Dasslers didn’t make their big break until the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, when they proudly sponsored Jesse Owens: the now-famous gold-medal winning African-American sprinter.

With the strain of WWII and American occupation, the Dassler family business broke under pressure. Adi Dassler went on to found adidas, while his brother Rudolf Dassler started RUDA, which later became known as PUMA. These two German shoe brands have been rivals ever since – but at Shoe Carnival, we love them both!


Step out in style with PUMA tennis shoes! This innovative fútbol name is legendary on the field and in the stadium. PUMA high top slip-ons make a style statement wherever they go. Dudes dig the retro vibes of black and white Puma shoes for men. Kids love bold red PUMAs, perfect for standing out or matching the team. For a girly touch, check out women’s PUMA sneakers in bright colors or classic neutrals.

With new PUMA shoes – made for strutting the streets, hitting the gym, and everything in between - each member of the family can look like soccer stars. Find PUMA at a store near you, or shop online today!